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Corporate Profile
Purpose of the Company

Broadband Infraco SOC is a licensed state owned company in the telecommunications sector.


It is intended to improve market efficiency in the long distance connectivity segment by increasing available long distance network infrastructure.


It will also avail capacity to stimulate private sector innovation in telecommunications services and content offerings.


Broadband Infraco provides long distance national and international connectivity to licensed private sector partners, license-exempt project of national importance and to previously underserviced areas.



Our Vision

To be the wholesale provider of choice for Backhaul connectivity.



Our Mission

Expand the availability and affordability of access to national and international wholesale broadband connectivity to licensed and license-exempt customers.


Ensure the availability of broadband connectivity and capacity requirements for specific projects of national interests are met.


To unlock economic growth in the provinces through the provision of broadband connectivity considering the requirements of the underdeveloped and under-serviceds areas.


Enable national, provincial and regional private and public collaboration and partnership regarding infrastructure development.



Our Core Values

Stakeholder Engagement


Excellence in Delivery


Flexible and Simple






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Code of Conduct 2013.pdfCode of Conduct 2013
CSED Policy Approved 15092010.zipCSED Policy Approved 15092010